Your friend calls to tell you about a new restaurant that just opened in her neighborhood. She wants you to join her for lunch this weekend. She wants to catch up and (hopefully) enjoy some delicious food.

How you react to this invitation may depend on what kind of teeth replacements you have. If you have traditional dentures, you may be a little hesitant about dining somewhere you’ve never been. On the other hand, you can feel confident that you can eat anything on the menu if you have dental implants to secure your dentures.

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Know The Limits

Dentures have been around for centuries. While the material used to make dentures have improved tremendously, they still function essentially the same way that they have for a long, long time.

Dentures are made to fit your mouth. They rest outside your gums. Many times, dentures fit well … at first.

The problem is that dentures only replace the crowns of your missing teeth. Without replacements for your roots, dentures are free to slide around inside your mouth. This can be frustrating. It can irritate your gums, too. Using a denture adhesive can help to a degree.

Without something to replace the roots of your missing teeth, your jawbone is not getting the stimulation it needs to make new bone tissue. Without new bone tissue, your jaw will get smaller as old tissue is absorbed back into the body.

As your jaw shrinks, this changes the shape of your mouth, which in turn affects how loose your dentures feel. This is why people with dentures often need to have them refitted or replaced regularly.

That also helps to explain why eating with dentures can be tricky. When your “teeth” move around, you may not be able to get a clean bite or to chew effectively.

Invest In Your Long-Term Health

Dental implants provide what’s missing from conventional dentures. Implants act as artificial roots. They are placed directly in the jawbone. This keeps your implants secure. It also allows them to anchor your dentures in place.

This has some clear benefits. First, you won’t need denture adhesives to hold your dentures in position. Second, you will be able to bite and chew nearly as well as you could when you had a full set of healthy teeth. Third, you can eat anything you want with your implant-supported dentures.

Meanwhile, your implants stimulate your jawbone. This encourages the new bone growth needed to prevent your jaw from shrinking. That means your jaw can remain healthy and strong.

Get More From Your Replacement Teeth

Your teeth do more than just complete your smile. Your replacement teeth should restore the function of your lost teeth, too. With dental implants, your dentures and other restorations can function practically as well as the real thing.

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