So, you are missing a tooth, some teeth, or maybe all your teeth. You could try living with them, but we don’t recommend that for a number of reasons.

You should replace them, but you may be wondering if dental implants should be part of your plan. Today, we want to share three things to consider when making that decision for yourself.

We are proud to offer implants for our patients in Charlotte, NC, and we think you will understand why by the end of today’s post.

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You Want to Eat Foods That You Like

When you are missing any number of teeth, it affects the function of your mouth. Your teeth are the primary tool you use to bite, tear, and chew food. They allow you to break down each bite of beef, chicken, vegetables, and more into smaller pieces that can be digested for nutrition.

Losing even a single tooth can affect your ability to bite and chew. Obviously, this becomes more difficult as you lose more teeth, which is likely if you don’t replace the tooth or teeth you’ve lost.

With dental implants, you replace a direct connection from your jawbone to your dental restorations. That’s true whether you have a dental crown, a bridge, or dentures. Because of that connection, you can generate more power, which means you can continue eating all the foods that you love.

If you’ve ever had to quit eating something because it was too difficult to bite or chew, you will understand why this is important.

You Don’t Want Your New Teeth to Move

People with dentures have a problem. Eating the wrong thing or even saying the wrong words can cause them to push their teeth out of position. It can be particularly awkward if your teeth completely fall out of your mouth.

Denture adhesives help, but they aren’t an ideal solution for this problem. The adhesives rinse away. They can be messy.

Adhesives also don’t stop the underlying problem — you haven’t replaced the roots of your teeth. This allows bone loss to occur. That changes the shape of your jawbone, which changes how your dentures fit.

Implants were designed to replace missing roots. As a result, they do stop the kind of bone loss described above. They also anchor your replacement teeth in your mouth, making them stable and secure without the need for adhesives.


You Want A Smile For Life

When you replace your missing teeth, you want something that you can rely on for rest of your life. With proper care, your implants can and will stay in place for as long as you live.

Dental restoration can last for decades, but replacing the restorations is simpler with you just have to place them on a set of implants instead of grinding down more teeth to make bigger and bigger bridges.

Rejuvenate Your Smile

Implants can play a big role in repairing your smile, but we hope you see they can do much more than that as well. To enjoy these benefits, make plans to visit McNulty & Dancausse General Dentistry. Fill out our online form or call 704-766-8662 if you are ready to rebuild more than your smile.