Why do people build bridges?

It’s so they can get where they want to go. Sometimes that means getting back to where you were … and dental bridges let you do that with your smile!

Let’s be straightforward about something. If you need a dental bridge, it’s because you already have a problem. Either a tooth or some teeth need to be removed or you have a gap in your smile from teeth that you’ve lost.

It would be wonderful if no one ever needed teeth replacements, but teeth are lost or removed almost daily. When those teeth are lost in or near Charlotte, NC, our team at McNulty & Dancausse General Dentistry has the training and experience to get your smile back to where it used to be.

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What Kind of Bridge Should You Build?

Restorative dental care has come a long, long way throughout human history. Historians and archeologists have discovered a variety of ways people have replaced lost teeth over the centuries.

For a long time, people did their best with what they had available. In some cultures, seashells and stones were used as makeshift teeth. In other places, animal bones and teeth, ivory, and teeth from deceased humans were used to fashion dentures.

And some teeth replacements still used metals.

Modern bridges, however, can be made with advanced ceramic materials that look natural while remaining durable. Even so, you still have options for what kind of bridge you may want or need.

A traditional bridge relies on healthy teeth for support. Dental bridges are made by fusing dental crowns together.

If you needed to replace a single tooth, we could make a three-crown bridge for you. The outer crowns would hold the bridge in position, which the middle crown would fill the gap in your smile.

To do this, we would reshape the healthy teeth near your missing or extracted tooth to form supports for the bridge. Then your bridge would be bonded in place.

If you are missing multiple teeth, then you may prefer an implant-supported bridge. You can get a traditional bridge in this situation, but this also means the bridge would be larger and could require reshaping even more healthy teeth to provide support.

By getting dental implants, which replace the roots of missing teeth, you create a stable, secure foundation for your bridge. It also means you can leave your healthy teeth untouched.

Research has shown that implants can last a lifetime with proper care. They also restore the full function of your missing teeth, so you can feel confident about smiling or taking a bite of a crisp, juicy apple.


Never Give Up on Your Smile

We understand that losing a tooth can be a difficult experience for many people. We’ve seen how it affects people’s confidence. You shouldn’t feel like you have to hide your teeth. Your smile can look whole again, and you can speak and eat as well as you could before you lost teeth.

Let McNulty & Dancausse General Dentistry answer your questions about your teeth replacement options, so you can make the right decision about rebuilding your smile.

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