Alan on replacing an old filling with a crown and trusting Dr. McNulty and staff

I’ve had a lot of dental work in my time, from the past. I think fillings, when you get to a certain size, after a period of years, they begin to crumble. Sometimes they can be replaced. If they’re big enough, sometimes you just have to crown the tooth and move on with life. Having dental work’s not fun for anyone but Dr. McNulty’s really good at the numbing process, making it … this isn’t the pleasant part of dentistry, but getting the shots, he’s just really, really good at it and that matters. It matters. It’s a matter of coming in, getting it done, and then moving on.

I very much trust them. If Dr. McNulty recommends something, it’s something I know I need to get done. I wasn’t blessed with the best quality teeth, maybe. I don’t know if that’s what you say but, like I said, I’ve had a fair amount of work in the past before coming here. Just cavities as kids and all that. I’ve had to deal with that through life. Again, I don’t know, 16, 17 years, something like that, I’ve been coming here. They’ve taken very good care of me and I trust them with whatever they say needs to be done.

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