Andy on bringing his daughter to Dr. McNulty after a dental emergency

About three years ago, my daughter was in school up at Appalachian and took a fall on the ice on the weekend. Landed on her mouth, landed on her teeth, fractured a couple of her front teeth. Which at 20 years old, your life as a woman, if you’ve got bad looking teeth, that’s a bad thing.

We called the office on the weekend. We did get a call back on the weekend. They said, “Bring her in first thing on Monday.” Well, she was up in Boone, North Carolina, but she came home on Sunday, was here for the first visit, first appointment that they had on Monday morning. Dr. McNulty saw her that day. He completely repaired her broken front teeth, made them look good as new. And my daughter walked out with a big smile on her face because her image was exactly as if she’d never taken the fall. She was so happy.

Because when she came home, she was in tears because she had a horrible looking mouth. He fixed it completely. She came back for a follow up visit, touch it up, and she was just amazed at the professionalism and how it looked like new, as if she’d never had broken her front teeth. That’s the reason we come back to this practice.

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