Andy on using a dental crown to repair a fractured tooth

Well, I came in for an office visit, just for a cleaning, and on that cleaning they do X-rays. And on the X-ray, they noticed that I had a crack in one of my molars. That particular tooth had a filling in it from way back when, and they attributed that to the fact that it may have caused some of the fracture in the tooth at the time.

I wasn’t aware of it, I wasn’t in any pain, but they diagnosed it as a fracture and it’s something we need to look into. So at that point in time they said, “Here’s what we think we probably ought to do. We want to review that with you,” which they did. Told me what the outcomes would be, what the expense would be, and what could I expect during both the procedure, and after the procedure was over.

I came in to have the crown done. We came in, Dr. Dancausse did the work up on it. We put in a temporary crown, which I had for about four or five weeks, then I scheduled another appointment. Came back in, and had the actual permanent crown put on. It fit very nicely, felt very comfortable. He spent a lot of time with me to make sure that it was a good—I still had a good bite, it fit well, and I was very comfortable and not in any pain. So, it was great. I mean, the office, as always, was very concerned about, “Hey, is everything good? Are you happy?” And as always, again, they came back to me and said, “Hey, if there are any issues, don’t hesitate to call me. I’m available at any time.”

I really like that in a dentist because that’s what you want. You want to know that they care about you and they’re always available to help you.

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