You’ve seen them in celebrity magazines.

You’ve seen them on the big screen when you go to the movies.

You probably see them every night when you’re watching television, too.

We aren’t talking about the actors. We’re talking about their perfect “Hollywood smiles”.

The reality is that many (if not most) film and TV stars have received some kind of cosmetic dentistry at one time or another. This isn’t a special service for the famous, however. It’s something anyone can get at our dentist office in Charlotte, NC.

Even if you have no desire to act in front of a camera, you can benefit from having great teeth. One of the fastest ways to improve your smile is by getting dental veneers at McNulty and Dancausse General Dentistry.

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You Can Benefit from a Beautiful Smile

We all understand why people whose faces are seen by millions of people every day would want to look their best. That’s why they have stylists, and why they get cosmetic care for their smiles.

But you don’t have to make your living in front of a camera to enjoy the benefits of a great smile.

Think about the people you know in your personal and professional life. We bet you can think of several who have great smiles. We also think there is a good chance that those same people seem more confident. They probably seem happier, too. This could be because they don’t feel self-conscious about their smiles.

That’s not just speculation on our part. Surveys have shown that people with nice teeth are often considered happier, friendly, and smarter by other people. Likewise, a beautiful smile can make people seem more trustworthy and even more intelligent.

When you aren’t worried that someone will see your teeth, you feel more comfortable being yourself. You are less likely to feel hesitant to speak, and you won’t feel compelled to hide your mouth when you do.

When you aren’t spending every moment worried that someone with judge you based on your smile, it can help you relax in social and professional situations.

Veneers Can Do A Lot For You

If you want to start enjoying the benefits that come with a confident smile, then you owe it to yourself to learn about dental veneers.

Veneers can do a lot:

  • Make your teeth look straight
  • Repair broken and chipped teeth
  • Close gaps in your smile
  • Restore the size and shape of worn-down teeth
  • Give you a bright, white smile again

Veneers are like covers for the front of your teeth. When they are bonded in place, you can have the kind of smile you’ve dreamed of seeing in the mirror or in pictures posted on social media.

Get Ready for Your Close-Up

By coming to McNulty and Dancausse General Dentistry, you could transform your smile in a matter of a few weeks with dental veneers.

To learn whether veneers or one of our other cosmetic services is right for you, start by scheduling a consultation. You can contact us online or call 704-766-8662.