Dental Veneers Hide Stains, Chips, & Gaps!
  • Choose the type of veneer that’s right for you
  • Your new smile will look completely natural
  • Experience pain-free treatment with sedation

Show Off Your Beautiful Smile With Dental Veneers in Charlotte

Stats Image 96% of adults think a good-looking smile makes someone more romantically appealing. Source.
When it comes to hiding the imperfections in your grin, our dental veneers in Charlotte are a versatile cosmetic solution that is a favorite with our patients. While our experienced dentists perform many cosmetic treatments, these versatile restorations provide a vast array of benefits you can enjoy, such as:

  • Covering chips, cracks, breaks, and uneven teeth
  • Providing instant improvement to crooked or gapped teeth
  • Restoring beautiful color to deeply stained teeth
  • Creating a stunning Hollywood smile

Call our office at 704-766-8662 to schedule a consultation. You can receive your smile transformation in as few as two visits.

Let Your Smile Shine With Veneers

We offer two types of veneers to cover common cosmetic flaws. These thin, tooth-shaped shells are comfortably bonded to the front of your teeth to mask  your dental imperfections. You can choose:

  • Porcelain veneers are the more traditional option. These veneers are reliable, look beautiful, and have stood the test of time.
  • e.max veneers are made from a high-end ceramic that most closely resembles your natural teeth. They have a way of reflecting light that traditional porcelain veneers cannot match.

We will work with you on which option is the best choice for your smile needs and your budget. Dental veneer placement is a multi-step process that normally occurs in two or three visits over the span of a few weeks. Here is how the treatment works:

  • We will prepare your teeth by removing a thin layer of enamel to make room for your veneers. That way they can fit naturally within your smile. Most patients feel no discomfort during this process, but you can receive sedation if you’d like.
  • Once your teeth are prepared, we will take impressions of your teeth. We send th information to a lab where your veneers will be custom-made for you.
  • We’ll place temporary veneers so you can still feel confident while you wait.
  • Once they’re ready, we’ll call you back to the office for placement and adjustment.

If you are ready to improve your smile with dental veneers in Charlotte, call 704-766-8662 for an appointment or schedule online.

Common Questions About Dental Veneers

What are dental veneers?

Dental veneers are like shells that are bonded to the front of your teeth to change their appearance. Our veneers look natural, are durable, and can give you the smile of your dreams. In our experience, veneers improve our patients’ confidence as well as their smiles. We offer porcelain and e.max veneers to transform your teeth.

How do dental veneers work?

The first step is removing a thin layer of enamel from your teeth. At this stage, we make impressions. These are used to design veneers that are custom-made to fit your teeth and create the kind of smile you want others to see. Whether you choose porcelain or e.max veneers, you can trust that your new smile will look natural when they are bonded to your teeth.

Are dental veneers painful?

Your comfort is a high priority at our practice. With that in mind, your process for getting your veneers should be painless. If your teeth are sensitive, ask us about local anesthesia and inhaled sedation (laughing gas). These can keep you comfortable when we remove a thin layer of enamel to prepare your teeth for your veneers. When your veneers are ready, bonding them to your teeth is a simple step.