TMJ Treatment / Teeth Grinding

Wake Up Without Jaw Pain
  • Save your tooth enamel from damage
  • Relieve jaw tension by healing your joints
  • Enjoy a comfortable night’s rest with a mouthguard

Protect Your Smile With TMJ Treatment in Charlotte

Suffering from the discomfort of teeth grinding or a TMJ disorder is a serious problem, but it can be quickly and easily solved at McNulty and Dancausse General Dentistry. Our TMJ treatment in Charlotte uses a noninvasive oral appliance to help alleviate the common symptoms associated with TMJ or teeth grinding. As a result of this treatment, you will:

  • Wake up feeling refreshed and without jaw soreness
  • Avoid damage to teeth caused by grinding
  • Experience fewer headaches
  • Feel less muscle pain and tension

If you’re ready to get relief from daily nuisances associated with jaw pain, call 704-766-8662 today.

Take the Pain Away With a Custom Mouthguard

“TMJ” refers to your jaw joints, or temporomandibular joints. When stress is placed on these joints, it leads to TMJ disorder, or TMD. TMD is what causes the discomfort you’re experiencing.

The causes of TMD and teeth grinding are often difficult to pinpoint. However, whatever the cause of your condition, our dentists have solutions to help relieve your pain.

Here is what to expect when you come into our office with this issue:

  • Your dentist will perform an exam of your mouth to determine if you’re dealing with TMJ or teeth grinding issues. We will also look for any damage to your teeth, which is a problem related to involuntary teeth grinding, or bruxism. If necessary, we’ll discuss any restorative treatments with you.
  • We will take a digital X-ray of your jaw to ensure there are no additional concerns.
  • If we find your pain is a result of teeth grinding or a TMJ disorder, we will recommend a customized mouthguard to help resolve this problem.
  • This mouthguard will be made in a lab to fit comfortably in your mouth and relieve tension in your face and jaw. It will also relieve discomfort in your neck, head, and shoulders. Your mouthguard will prevent teeth grinding, which wears down your teeth and makes them vulnerable to decay, cracks, and other kinds of damage.

For TMJ treatment in Charlotte, call 704-766-8662 for an appointment, or schedule online. We’ll end your TMJ issues so you can enjoy pain-free days again.

Common Questions About TMJ Treatment / Teeth Grinding

Does TMJ treatment work?

Yes, it does. We have helped more patients than we can count with our TMJ treatment. You might be surprised by how a simple oral appliance worn while you sleep can make such a difference. It gently changes the resting position of your lower jaw to relieve tension on your jaw joints. You experience less teeth grinding, less jaw pain, and reduced tension in your face, neck, and shoulders.

How long does TMJ treatment take?

You may need ongoing treatment for a TMJ disorder. Fortunately, by wearing a simple appliance, you can prevent teeth grinding, a common cause of TMJ problems. We have helped many patients find the solution to this painful problem. Today, they are enjoying their lives with fewer headaches, earaches, jaw pain, and jaw stiffness.

What causes a TMJ disorder?

There are a variety of reasons that could cause a TMJ disorder, often referred to as TMD. An injury to your jaw joint, genetics, or arthritis can all play a part in this disorder. Stress can also contribute to TMJ troubles.