Whether you are ready to return to your general dentist for the first time in six months or the first time in more than six years, we are here for you. If you need a reason to make an appointment, here are a few.

Everyone Benefits From Professional Cleanings

Even if you follow ADA recommendations consistently about brushing and flossing every day, professional cleanings reduce your risk of cavities and gum disease. We can remove plaque and tartar buildup before it leads to bigger problems.

Take Advantage of Extra Smile Protection

In addition to routine care, you can make your teeth stronger and more resistant to decay. Fluoride treatments and dental sealants are like reinforcements for your smile.

Protect Your Teeth Against Injuries

You wear your seat belt in your car to reduce your risk of injuries in the event of an accident. Likewise, you should be wearing an athletic mouthguard if you place sports. A custom-designed mouthguard, which we can make for you, offers a more comfortable fit and better protection.

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