Nonsurgical Gum Disease Treatment

Find Solutions For Painful Gums
  • Get healthy pink gums with pain-free treatment
  • Stay relaxed with two forms of sedation
  • Improve your smile with comfortable laser therapy

Protect Your Grin With Nonsurgical Gum Disease Treatment in Charlotte

If you are dealing with signs of gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, you may have noticed your gums are tender. You might also experience bleeding when you brush your teeth. Fortunately, we can eliminate these unpleasant issues with our nonsurgical gum disease treatment in Charlotte. We will address the infection in your gums with gentle and thorough care. As a result, you will:

  • Get rid of any infection in your gums
  • Experience quick and comfortable treatment thanks to our advanced techniques
  • Avoid further gum issues with our personalized treatment plans
  • Prevent serious dental health issues, such as tooth loss
  • Improve your oral health and overall health

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Treat Your Infected Gums Without Surgery

Gum disease is often caused by buildup of food between teeth and on gums. This leads to a growth of bacteria that can make its way under your gums, creating inflammation and infection. Often, people shy away from gum treatment, even when they are coping with considerable pain. However, we not only provide the most comfortable treatments in our office, we also make sure you have the easiest and most comfortable recovery at home.

Depending on your mouth’s condition, you may receive:

  • Laser Gum Treatment – This is a far more comfortable alternative to traditional gum surgery. We use a laser to evaporate the infected tissue in your gums. As a result of this technology, you avoid unnecessary bleeding.
  • Scaling and Root Planing – We use a “deep cleaning” process to remove tartar from your gumline and smooth your tooth roots. This rids your teeth of unhealthy bacteria.
  • Antibiotics – These antibiotics will ensure your gums remain healthy and free of infection.

You will feel no discomfort during your treatment. Our friendly staff and doctors will numb your mouth and ensure you feel totally at ease. You can also receive inhaled sedation or oral sedation if you’d like.

The best way to prevent gum disease is to stay on top of your oral health! Make sure you are visiting us for regular dental cleanings and dental exams, so we can prevent you from dealing with these issues. Call 704-766-8662 to schedule your nonsurgical gum disease treatment in Charlotte. You can also schedule online.

Common Questions About Nonsurgical Gum Disease Treatment

What is nonsurgical gum disease treatment?

Nonsurgical gum disease treatment is an effective but conservative way to remove bacterial plaque from deep below and around the gumline. One treatment is enough in many cases to restore unhealthy gums. Patients with chronic periodontal problems may need multiple treatments to get the infection under control. Nonsurgical treatment at our office may include scaling and root planing (a deep cleaning procedure), laser treatment to remove infected tissue, and antibiotics.

What are gum disease symptoms?

Gum disease often develops slowly without any visible signs. That is one reason dental checkups are so important. At home, you should be watching for red, swollen, sore, or bleeding gums, persistent bad breath, loose or shifting teeth, changes to your bite, dental pain, and receding gums (which can cause teeth to appear longer). Call our office to make an appointment if you notice any of these symptoms.

Is gum disease treatment painful?

Gum disease treatment may sound like a painful procedure, but in many cases, it is similar to a cleaning. A local anesthetic can be applied to numb the gums so the process is more comfortable. We also offer inhaled and oral sedation, which block pain and keep you feeling relaxed.