Summer is wonderful for a lot of reasons.

Kids love that they get a break from school. Many adults use summer to schedule their own vacations as well. The days are filled with more sunshine, which is a great excuse to get outdoors, do try new things, and spend more time with family and friends.

In general, it’s a more relaxed time of year.

That also makes this a great time to schedule a visit to McNulty and Dancausse General Dentistry if you live in or near Charlotte, NC. Call 704-766-8662 to schedule your next dental appointment with us.

There’s a lot of reasons to visit us, whether you want to maintain, restore, or improve your healthy smile!

Everybody Needs a Checkup

How long would you drive your car or truck without changing the oil?

To keep our vehicles running smoothly, we know that we have to do regular maintenance. That means regular oil changes, and when needed, replacing tires, brakes, and other parts.

Why wouldn’t you give your teeth the same respect? After all, you use your teeth every day when you eat.

You already know that you should be brushing your teeth (twice daily) and flossing between your teeth (at least once per day) to keep bacteria and plaque under control.

You also need regular professional cleanings and exams. We can remove the plaque that you missed and any tartar that may have formed as a result. This can go a long way toward reducing your risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

It’s can be just as important to identify problems as early as possible. More than 90 percent of people will develop at least one cavity and more than half will develop gum disease at one time or another. Knowing this is easier, less invasive, and less expensive to treat either of these oral health problems in the early stages.

Make Your Smile Better

Even if you are cavity-free and free of gum disease, you still may want to make some changes to your smile.

Most of us are not born with “perfect” teeth. Sometimes teeth are little crooked, or there may be a gap that’s a little wider than you would like between some of your teeth.

Normal wear and tear can affect your teeth as well. All the cups of coffee you drink in the morning, every glass of sweet tea or lemonade you sip on a hot afternoon, and every delicious bite of barbecue adds to the stains that gradually form on all of our teeth.

And if you enjoy eating foods that are crunchy or hard, you’ve likely worn down your teeth in a few places over the years.

You can make your smile as good or better than it’s ever been with the help of cosmetic dentistry.

Professional teeth whitening can remove deep stains from your smile so your teeth can be your “pearly whites” once again. Dental veneers can cover up many flaws. Your smile can appear to be perfectly straight with evenly space and bright, white teeth.

Dental bonding is another great way to close gaps between teeth and to repair teeth that may have chips or cracks.

Restore What You’ve Lost

We’ve already mentioned some problems that can affect the health and the appearance of your smile. Developing cavities can weaken your teeth. If they decay isn’t detected early, it can weaken the tooth or cause an infection, making it difficult or painful to bite and chew.

Accidents can cause broken teeth or result in teeth to get knocked out of their sockets.

Damaged and missing teeth are far more common than many people realize. It’s also good to know that you can do something about them. You can use our restorative services to rebuild your smile and restore the full function of your teeth.

If you notice a cavity early, we can repair your tooth with on our white fillings. These protect your teeth against further decay, and they can be shaded to match the natural color of your tooth. These kinds of fillings blend in with your smile instead of becoming a distraction like metal fillings.

If a cavity is too large for a filling, we can place a dental crown instead. Crowns cover the tooth restore their natural appearance, and they allow you to bite and chew like you could when your tooth was healthy.

A lost tooth presents a different kind of problems, but we can help with that, too. One option is to build a dental bridge to close the gap in your smile. Another option is to get a dental implant (to replace the root of your missing tooth). Then, we can attach a dental crown to create a completely new “tooth” for you.

If you are missing multiple teeth, you can get a series of implants to support a bridge or even a set of dentures. With implants to hold your dentures secure, you will do more than just replace your smile. You’ll also be able to eat anything you want once again. (And you won’t need any denture adhesives.)

A Few Words About Dental Anxiety

Many people put off dental care for many reasons, but we also know that dental anxiety can be a big factor for lots of people. It affects millions of people across the United States, including thousands of people in and around Charlotte, NC.

Our team of dedicated and compassionate dental professionals has been helping people find ways to manage and overcome their dental fear for several years. We use a combination of advanced technology, advanced techniques, and dental sedation to make dental care as easy and pain-free as it can be.

If dental anxiety is an issue for you, please talk to us. We can help.

Keep Your Mouth Healthy

You only have one smile. You deserve to keep it healthy and looking great. Our team at McNulty and Dancausse General Dentistry is ready to do everything we can for you and your family.

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