Add Healthy Sleep to Your Christmas Wish List

All you want for Christmas is a good night’s sleep! That can be difficult if the person sharing your bed is snoring like there’s tomorrow. That snoring also can be a clue that your spouse or significant other is suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. This sleep disorder can lead to a ...

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Find the Right Dentist Office for You (video)

Ami was only expecting to have a regular dental checkup, but she broke one of her teeth the night before her first appointment at McNulty & Dancausse General Dentistry. Today, she will tell you that we are the “perfect” dentist office in Charlotte, NC. Today, she and her husband are ...

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Keep Calm & Enjoy Your New Dental Crown

Your broken tooth isn’t going to fix itself. Neither is a cracked tooth. And if you have tooth decay, you may have noticed the biting and chewing isn’t as comfortable as it once was. Regardless, you can correct all these issues and more with a dental crown in Charlotte, NC. To get one, ...

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Start Your Days With White & Bright Teeth

One of the most frequent requests we get is from patients who want whiter teeth. This is understandable, removing stains is one of the simplest ways to improve your smile. When people feel better about their smiles, they are more likely to share those smiles. This can help you both feel and ...

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Visit A Dentist Office Where You Feel Comfortable (video)

When Joyce first visited our office, she had been having some problems with her partial dentures. She also felt anxious about coming to the dentist. Before, she always wanted laughing gas during her visits. Today, she still comes to McNulty & Dancausse General Dentistry, and she doesn’t ...

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Should You Seek Treatment for Gum Disease? (quiz)

It’s often forgotten, but it’s a very real threat to smiles all across America. In fact, it’s the leading cause of tooth loss in the United States. It’s gum disease, and statistics say you are likely to have it at least once during your life. If you do develop periodontal problems, our ...

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Cosmetic Dentistry Can Fulfill Your Smile Goals

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we know that many of your will be shopping for Christmas gifts soon. (Some of you have probably already started.) As you look for ideas for your spouse, your kids, and your co-workers, don’t forget the most important person in your life — ...

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Trust Is An Important Part of Dental Treatment (video)

You will probably agree with Alan that dental work isn’t “fun” for most patients. Yet, he trusts our team at McNulty & Dancausse General Dentistry to assess his oral health and recommend the right treatment to keep his smile looking healthy. There’s a reason he’s been coming back ...

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Rebuild Your Smile Stronger With Dental Implants

So, you are missing a tooth, some teeth, or maybe all your teeth. You could try living with them, but we don’t recommend that for a number of reasons. You should replace them, but you may be wondering if dental implants should be part of your plan. Today, we want to share three things to ...

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You Can Manage, Overcome Dental Fears

If you have a fear of the dentist, you may not remember when you had your last dental cleaning and exam. And that’s OK. There is nothing wrong with you. At the same time, our team at McNulty & Dancausse General Dentistry wants to help you get the oral care you need. Today, we will be ...

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Reveal Your Dream Smile With Dental Veneers (infographic)

You can have a beautiful smile. You can create the smile of your dreams with our cosmetic dentistry in Charlotte, NC. And dental veneers are one of the most ...

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Your Replacement Teeth Can Help You Smile (video)

Amazing things are possible with modern restorative dental care. Replacement teeth can look natural and feel practically as strong as the real thing. We love ...

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