A New Smile is an Investment in Yourself

Change is hard for all of us. Even when we know we want to make a change, even when we know making a change would be in our best interest, it’s easy to keep things the way they are. It’s true in our jobs. It’s true with our living arrangements. It’s also true with ...

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Let Us Get to Work to Improve Your Oral Health (video)

Thomas will tell you that he needed some “serious work” when he came to our Charlotte, NC dental office. As you’ll hear in the video below, he’s also quite happy with the results. Because of his experience at McNulty & Dancausse General Dentistry, he has recommended us to family, ...

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Feel Good About Sharing Your Smile Again

Sometimes little things can be the most frustrating. Smartphones have made our lives easier in a lot of ways … unless we can’t get a signal. Fast food (while not healthy) does give us a quick way to grab dinner on busy nights … unless they run out of what we want. Our smiles are one of ...

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Want To Sleep Better? Talk to Our Dentists

Your spouse pokes you in the side. “Wake up! You’re snoring again.” You can sense the growing frustration in your partner’s voice. You also know that you don’t feel like you’ve gotten any sleep either when you wake up each morning. You’re tired during the day. You often wake ...

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You Can Rebuild Your Smile with Dental Implants (infographic)

Modern dental implants have raised the expectations higher than they’ve ever been for restorative dentistry. By getting implants, you can bite and chew practically the same function as someone with a full set of healthy teeth. And with the modern materials used in restorations, your smile can ...

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Veneers Can Fix So Many Smile Flaws

You’ve seen them in celebrity magazines. You’ve seen them on the big screen when you go to the movies. You probably see them every night when you’re watching television, too. We aren’t talking about the actors. We’re talking about their perfect “Hollywood smiles”. The ...

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Dentures Gave This Patient A Smile She Finally Loves [VIDEO]

Too many people go their entire lives feeling unhappy and insecure about their smile because of all the dental problems they’ve faced. And as far as we’re concerned, you never have to feel that way again! That’s because our team at McNulty & Dancausse General Dentistry provide the ...

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You Should Visit the Dentist This Summer

Summer is wonderful for a lot of reasons. Kids love that they get a break from school. Many adults use summer to schedule their own vacations as well. The days are filled with more sunshine, which is a great excuse to get outdoors, do try new things, and spend more time with family and ...

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How We Enhance Your Smile With Teeth Whitening [VIDEO]

Everyone loves instant results. With today’s advanced technology, why should you wait any longer than you have to for something you really want, right? We couldn’t agree more! That’s why we love offering professional teeth whitening treatment to our patients at McNulty & ...

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Enjoy Speedy & Stress-Free Care In A Dental Emergency [QUIZ]

Check out the video below to hear how the team at McNulty and Dancausse General Dentistry helped out Ami when she was experiencing a dental emergency! From the moment you arrive to when you’re walking out the door at our Charlotte, NC dentist office, we’ll do all we can to make your ...

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Eat More, Secure Your Smile With Dental Implants

Your friend calls to tell you about a new restaurant that just opened in her neighborhood. She wants you to join her for lunch this weekend. She wants to catch ...

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A Dental Crown Can Prevent Painful Problems (video)

Andy came in for a routine dental cleaning at our Charlotte, NC dentist office. As part of his checkup, we took digital X-rays and discovered a crack in one of ...

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